Passive indoor position meter

Aim of the project: Developing a prototype of a passive indoor visitor statistics and position data collection system.

The prototype to be developed in our project is a system of distributed software that combines hardware and its operation. Receivers (hardware) are positioned at specific points of the observed space to monitor standard WiFi and Bluetooth communications, and list identifiable mobile devices and laptops, while data acquisition software generates position data from simultaneous point-to-point observations. The product will provide our customers with new, in-house, visitor tracking and visitor behavioural functions in harmony with visitor counting systems produced and marketed by our company.


The project is proceeding according to the planned schedule and is expected to be completed by the end of 2018. The solution developed within our project is to measure the number and position of visitors in a particular site with passive (non-visitor-assisted) tools, which is a significant and breakthrough in the industry of mall and fairground operation, as there are currently solutions in these areas that only measure visitor numbers (without position).

Széchenyi 2020