Aim of the project: customer care system based on speech recognition and speech analysis

We are engaged in developing a solution which is able to recognize expressions, phrases, and keywords. This innovation will allow call-centers to automate their procedure of client-orientation while the usage of telephone keyboard can be eliminated.
The aim of the research is to set up a system which not only is a voice-guided info call center but an intelligent one also, which is able to generate rules and deal with complex support tasks (like contracting, changing tariffs).
The product, due to the exploitation of possibilities in speech recognition and text mining, wears unique features even compared to international standards. The software can be customized for any companies with different magnitude due to its modular structure


The project is running in accordance with the timing, its completion is expected by the summer of 2011. The basic modules of the system have been prepared and we are proud of having generated a huge-extended database of voice patterns which becomes an appropriate basis for the development of models with great accuracy

The project is financed by the National Office of Research and Technology.