Passenger counting

Aim of the project: developing a passenger counting and statistical system optimized for vehicles of city and inland public transportation

The aim of the project was to develop a system that is capable of counting passengers getting on and off the vehicles, as well as producing statistical data for each station based on GPS coordinates.
This software allows transportation companies of measuring precisely their traffic and the exploitation of the vehicles, moreover companies can optimize timetables and vehicle profiles.
The output of the project, which was financed by the National Office of Research and Technology through INNOCSEKK program, is a product that counts passengers with greater precision than ever due to the applied technology. The software is available for vehicles moving on railways as well.


The project has reached its final phase. The introduction of the complete product is expected by 2010 summer.

The lion's share of the project was the development of an algorithm, which is working with great precision but with low resource needs. The algorithm performs beyond all expectations, the accuracy of the measurement is not less than 98% even in peak hours. Our product contains such unique image processing algorithms that will be welcomed on international and inland markets as well.