About us

Our Company runs applied research and innovative projects that require deepened knowledge and outstanding expertise. The name of the company, KFIT stands for Research, Development, Innovation and Technology, of course in Hungarian.

Our proficiency is voice- and image processing aided by algorithm based artificial intelligence. We provide adequate answers to complex optimization problems, and deliver new, innovative solutions to our customers in order to improve their competitiveness. Our core competence is the ability to develop systems that require no, or only minimal additional hardware investment, thus our partners' competitiveness is strengthened by becoming more cost-effective.

During the execution of our development projects, KFIT is supplied with all the available resources, which can be found in the North Hungarian region and benefited from the professional partnership network and the knowledge base of Miskolc University.

Our long term efficiency and dynamic growth are guaranteed by the leaders' references in project management and our colleague's proficiency.

Széchenyi 2020